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Join Monster for some Easter Fun – Free Printables

Being indoors during Easter can be challenging since our children have already been away from their schools and friends for some weeks. And by now you may already have downloaded whatever activity you have found to do with them. So if you are looking for something new and Ester-related, you might want to check out this printable set that I have  prepared for you (finished only a few minutes before writing this post)

More than 20 pages of mazes, coloring, counting and matching activities, sudoku, word hunt, dot to dot, find the differences, puzzles and more! I have even included a couple of pages with egg hunts since I am aware many children will not be able to go out to search for eggs this year. I know it is not a replacement for going out in a real egg hunt, but I hope the activities I have prepared will give some color to their Easter.

You can download the set here:

If you know other parents who could need some Easter-related activities for their kids, please share this page with them!

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